Why Make Your Own Ammunition?

There could be several reasons to make your own ammunition. Many cite cost savings, although that will depend on your usage and volume requirements. In some places certain ammunition and calibers are harder to source, so making your own makes sense.

If you plan to shoot long range or competitively, then handloading becomes much more important. These are far more demanding uses of ammunition than simple range shooting or hunting.

In some states in the US it is harder to purchase ammunition, so making your own is an alternative to restrictive laws.

As for cost savings, it is more likely you can shoot more (have more ammunition for the same budget) than make huge savings if you factor in the time and money for equipment. If you are in a restrictive state handloading  makes more sense as the law drives up prices and access.

Making your own ammunition can also be a community activity where friends get together, or a fun hobby for those that enjoy making things or using tools.

Precision shooting requires handloading as it ensures a much better fit between the ammunition and the rifle. On the other hand, factory ammunition is made for a range of conditions and systems, so it’s the opposite of hand loading in many ways.

Handloading not only allows for the very best match between loads and ammunition formulas, but it also enables scientific testing and tuning to ensure the most accurate and precise combination. You have complete control: you can take the time to ensure each round weighs the same, has the same manufacturing process and tolerances, and meets a very high final quality standard. This allows you to better control the outcome in the field.

* * *


There are many benefits to handloading that are not only financial, but also to ensure precision and enhance your enjoyment of the sport.


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