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This website offers a wealth of articles to help you learn about handloading for long range shooting

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This website's articles are written by the authors of the best-selling series of books "Precision Long Range Shooting and Hunting" as available on Amazon and other book stores worldwide, and as online courses for use on any device, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Are the articles taken from the best-selling books?

Yes, many articles are taken from the "Precision Long Range Shooting and Hunting - Precision Rifle Handloading" book, but there are many additional articles which are added all the time, making great reading for anyone interested in becoming a better long range shooter.

Where can I buy the book version?

You can buy the book version by clicking here

Interesting video with Brian Litz on whether to go so far in making precision ammo today, or not

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Load Testing & Evaluation A 12-Step Process, By Darin Cooper

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Nice beginner Video on Long Range Ammo. Load Development Basics with David Tubb

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The Importance of Consistent Ammunition

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